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Ovello is a small business just like you! Female-owned & operated, our team of remote Executive Assistants are based in the U.S. and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their personal business to maximum potential. 

We handle the day-to-day administrative and HR tasks that take up a business owner’s best resource - TIME. We come into the business as your partner, and we are here to support you. 

At Ovello, we believe in your vision and your mission, and we are here to help you grow and reach your goals. We are dedicated to embodying every business’s unique brand in our administrative approach.


Ovello CEO Erica Fullerton virtual assistant smm

Erica Fullerton,

Owner & CEO

Erica is the brain behind this operation! She started her VA business on her own in 2018 and has grown it into the agency model you see today. She's our strategy master and is constantly finding ways to add value to our client packages. Her focus is on business growth, for both your business and her own!

Cassie Bolinger,

Director of Operations

Cassie Bolinger OBM VA SMM

Cassie can be found managing all our processes behind the scenes. Nothing makes her happier than lists and checkmarks, and she thrives on creating new SOPs that streamline our business. She's the go-to gal for problem solving, and growing our team.


Jaclyn Selby,

Social Media Manager

Jaclyn is the master of all things social media for Ovello. Not only does she manage client packages, she also runs Ovello's own pages. She loves creating strategies for client social media accounts, and building a partnership with those clients. She excels at finding the perfect Reel or TikTok audio to get those views (AND convert them to sales or new clients)! 

Don't believe us?
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Meet the Team




The reason I started this business was to help other assistants get their own business off the ground and provide a first-class level of service to as many small businesses as I could. 


At Ovello, we truly care about every single one of our clients and we work very hard to make that obvious. We strive to go above and beyond for our clients - think of us as mind-readers and business soulmates! We will celebrate your wins, cheer you on during hard times, and stay connected on a personal level to know your family and interests as well as your business. 


We are truly like a family here at Ovello, and we are welcoming you in the door with open arms!

~ Erica Fullerton, Owner & CEO

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